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MachineMetrics data can be classified into two top-level categories: Machine Data and Operational Data.

Machine Data

Machine Data is what is sent directly from our edge software to the MachineMetrics Cloud. Once this data is ingested, it is immutable. That isn't to say that its interpretation can't be changed or augmented, but the raw data as it is in ingested is the base truth and anything that's added to augment it is added as a separate Operational Layer of data.

Any data point that is labeled via the Data Mapping section in the machine configuration is considered to be Machine Data. Machine Data also encompasses all transformations applied as part of any Adapter Scripts used in the configuration of the machine's adapter.

Within the machine data category we distinguish several subcategories:

Operational Data

Operational Data allows meaning and context to be applied to the Machine Data layer. This data can be added and updated manually through the user interface or automatically through Workflows as well as integrations into other systems with our APIs.

Some examples of Operational data are:

  • Production Runs (Activities and Activity Sets)
  • Operator Runs
  • Annotations (Categorized Downtime)
  • Part Corrections
  • Rejects