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Getting Started

MachineMetrics provides a rich set of APIs that enable developers to extend the platform to solve unique use cases through custom user experiences and integrations into other systems. Our goal is to give you control of your data with as little friction as possible so you can focus on building applications that provide real value.

You might also find it beneficial to get to know how we talk about data. Our Data Catalog Overview will help you familiarize yourself with our terminology and data structure, but it isn't required to start using our APIs.


Each request to the MachineMetrics APIs requires authentication. The primary mechanism for authentication is through the inclusion of an Access Token via a Bearer Authorization header. API Keys are used as the Access Token and can be generated for a company via the API Keys page in the MachineMetrics web application.

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Our GraphQL implementation provides a read-only interface for easily querying all data within MachineMetrics.

With its descriptive queries and ability to subscribe to near real-time data, GraphQL is the ideal tool for building dashboards that need to show live data.

GraphQL should be used if you need the following.

  • Real-time data
  • Access the Machine Data from your machines
  • To track individual data points rather than aggregates

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Our REST APIs provide access to many pieces of data within MachineMetrics including comprehensive APIs for reporting data aggregated over long periods of time.

Our REST APIs should be used if you need the following.

  • Operational Data over long periods of time
  • Aggregated data rather than individual data points

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We've set up an area for you to try out GraphQL. Head over to Playground and see the examples in our GraphQL Guide. Once you enter the Playground, you will be prompted for your MachineMetrics login credentials and will be able to access all of your data with rich queries.

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Query, visualize, alert on, and understand your data no matter where it’s stored. With Grafana you can create, explore and share all of your data through beautiful, flexible dashboards.

Review the How to Set Up Grafana guide for step by step instructions on setting up a basic Grafana playground where you can try out a few examples.

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MachineMetrics Workflows can trigger a webhook to deliver data to other web applications.

Using webhooks, you can use our pre-built workflow system to trigger your own apps rather than recreate a complicated triggering system.

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